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Make your child smile and think of you everyday with creative, fun, personalized daily lunch notes. Monthly subscriptions available.

Polly's Lunch Notes

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Fun, rhyming notes originally written by an actual mom (Polly), for her children Stacy and Kelly.

Now customized with your child's name, and sent in a monthly subscription box with 20 notes/month, one for every school day.

For the busy mom who still wants to be there and add a little extra to their child's day, showing them they care.

Here are some lunch note examples:

Creative & funny animal lunch notes

Animal lunch notes

"Every day at lunch the first thing our friends would do after their table had sat down was ask to read their lunch notes! We would pass them around the table and we had to rotate who got to read them first because everyone wanted to."

Stacy & Kelly

Polly's children who received the daily lunch notes

1000+ Happy Users

The little old lady who's hard of hearing note series

Originally made by a mom with love for her kids who wants to share her creativity and make it easy for moms around the world to show their kids they care.

1 Note a Day

The Lunch Notes

Adds a whole lot of love to the week! <3

For busy moms who want to add some extra love to their child's day.

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