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Monthly subscription box of daily lunch notes coming soon. Put your email in the waiting list to be notified when we launch.

Fun, rhyming notes to include in your child’s daily lunchbox and add a smile to their lunchtime experience. Originally written by an actual mom (Polly), for her children Stacy and Kelly.

Now customized with your child’s name, and sent in a monthly subscription box with 20 notes/month, one for every school day.

Polly’s children Kelly and Stacy have now grown up and are graduated from college. They decided to work with their mom to offer the notes they once loved to families who would otherwise be too busy to offer this type of note to their child, but who still wants to be there and add a little extra to their child’s day, showing them they care.

My name is Stacy and I’m Polly’s, the original lunch note creator’s daughter. I’m helping her launch the official lunch note brand so they can be available to more people who would want to have them.

I graduated from Boston College in 2014, and still remember how happy the notes made my sister and I everyday when we were in elementary school in Minnesota.

Still wondering why we never received any lunch notes in college…it’s ok, we forgive you mom! 😉 <3

Our friends would always fight over who got to read the notes first and we would pass them around the table right after we sat down. It was always a fun activity and everyone enjoyed reading them – we also always thought of our mom at lunch and it brought a smile (and often laughter) to our faces.

I know many of my friend’s moms and parents were too busy to write their own children daily lunch notes even if they had wanted to, and this was one way we could think of to spread the feelings of love and add a little extra fun to other kids’ daily lunches. Seeing the notes again over Christmas and talking with our family, we wanted to make the notes available to others who would find similar joy and connection in their giving and receiving.

Stacy would love to talk to you, and she is available at